Selling With First National Avenue!

How we target the right buyers to achieve the best possible price!

Let’s Discuss Options

You’ve decided to sell your property but which method is best for you? Allow us to guide you through the steps and alternatives.


Private Treaty or Auction?

Most property is sold via Private Treaty or Auction. Our experienced team at First National Avenue will consult you to determine the most suitable method for your circumstances.


If you choose to sell by Private Treaty, an asking price is set, and negotiations begin once an offer is received. On acceptance of an offer, contracts are exchanged and a 5-business day cooling off period applies.


If selling by Auction, an auction date is set, and a marketing campaign begins four weeks prior. Your confidential reserve price is set before the auction, with our guidance. Interested buyers compete by bidding and, if the highest bid meets or exceeds your reserve price, the property is sold, and contracts are signed. No cooling off period applies.


First National Avenue has handled hundreds of private treaty sales and auctions. Whichever method you choose, you can rest assured that we have the skills and experience to achieve the best outcome.


Pricing Strategically

Deciding where to set your asking price is very important as this will determine the amount of buyer interest and the volume of offers received.


The old-school approach to pricing is to set an asking price higher than what you believe is achievable, leaving room for negotiation. The downside of this strategy is that if the price is too high, fewer buyers will inspect your property and they will be less motivated to place an offer. Not only that, if you are priced too high, you’re just helping your competition to sell!


In our experience, we have found the progressive pricing approach to be far more effective. By setting your price at ‘fair market value’, you attract greater interest in your property, which then stimulates multiple offers and ultimately negotiation of a higher sale price.


In most instances, it’s the person who feels emotionally connected to your property who will offer the best price. We call this person the emotional buyer. Our aim is to identify potential Emotional  Buyers and work with them to secure a premium price for you.


What’s Your Property Worth?

Many factors come into play when determining the market value of your property.


Location & Lifestyle

Buyers want properties that put their desired lifestyle at their fingertips. Proximity to schools, parks, playing fields and beaches are important considerations for families. Properties close to fining precincts, public transport and beaches are likely to attract singles or couples without children.


Properties that present attractively and require little or no work tend to attract a premium compared to those on which a bier will need to spend money to improve or repair. It can sometimes be worth investing in small enhancements to add significant value come sale time.

Comparable Sales

Recent prices paid for similar properties near you are an excellent indicator of what the market is willing to pay for yours. First National Avenue has access to the very latest sales data in your area. We provide 20 years of local real estate intelligence in our area, as well as the most meaningful data on recent comparable sales.

Market Trends

Seasonality and economic conditions including interest rates, rental incomes and job stability all have an effect on property values. Our team can help guide you on the optimal time to sell given the current market.

Current Competition

Having plenty of active buyers around combined with a moderate number of properties on the market contributes to a premium price. A strong marketing campaign can also help ensure you attract the maximum number of active buyers through your door.



Statistics show that buyers who are first to inspect are most likely to buy! They are the most educated about market value, have inspected most of the available similar properties, and are aware of recent sales. Sometimes they’ve missed out on a few properties already, creating strong emotional desire to buy decisively.

They are inclined to submit their best offer at the early stages of your campaign.


Targeting the Right Buyers

Different buyers search for property in different ways. Investing in a comprehensive marketing campaign maximises exposure of your home and secures the highest possible price.

When you first list with First National Avenue, you gain access to our outstanding team of professionals who work to create a first-class marketing campaign. We coordinate everything to assure the right buyers notice your property.

We don’t wait for advertising to appear. As soon as your property is ready to be promoted, we start actively contacting our buyer database.


Intelligent Marketing

Professional Photography

There’s power in a great image. It captures interest and elicits emotion. High quality professionals photography is crucial to property showcasing your property. Our photography will make your home stand out amongst the competition and positively influence perceptions of value.

Database & Agent’s Contacts

We have a large and growing database of buyers that we keep actively informed of listings matching their search criteria. We make a point of talking to buyers at every open home inspection, to find out what they’re looking for and why. When they miss out on a property, they’re at their most motivated to buy so we pro-actively introduce them to our latest listings.


We place your property on the most effective websites. Our website, attracts a large volume of local buyer enquiries due to our database marketing and local profile.


When buyers know your property is for sale, one of the first things they will do is drive by your home. A prominent signboard displaying an internal image and key features helps buyers to discover more than meets the eye from the street. Signboards are also an excellent way of attracting attention of local road and pedestrian traffic.

Brochures & Floorplan

A full colour brochure is provided to everyone who views your home. This enables them to take away information about your property and reminds them of its key features. Buyers frequently inspect multiple properties in a day. It can be hard for them to remember what property had which features, or layout. We can also deliver ‘Just Listed’ cards to your surrounding area to inform your neighbours you are selling.

The Power of Our Network

There are over 300 First National Real Estate offices throughout Australia, New Zealand and Vanuatu, giving us the largest independent buyer referral network available.

Choosing Your Agent

Choosing your agent is an important decision, you need the right combination of professionalism, experience, drive and ability. Our proven strategies, systems and marketing combine to deliver excellence.


Four questions to ask when selecting your agent.

  1. How many years’ experience do you have?
  2. Will they show you their recent sales?
  3. Do they have a good track record and reputation?
  4. Do you feel comfortable enough with the agent to hand over the keys to your home?


If you feel comfortable, then buyers will too!


Selling Fees

Don’t make the mistake of choosing the agent offering the lowest selling fee. While you should expect competitive fee, it is advisable to appoint a good value agent; not a cheap one.

Whilst you will no doubt find any number of agents who will heavily discount their fees, we have total confidence that if you instruct First National Avenue to represent your interests, you will receive a greater sale price that will more than justify any difference in fee structures.

In the event that a sale is not made, no selling fee will be incurred.


We want to make sure buyers see the full value of your property. So, we’ll guide you with recommendation about things you can do to make sure tour property is presented in its best light. You’ll be amazed what a difference we can make. If necessary, we can engage our home stylist, tradesmen and hired help to assist in giving your home that extra edge to position your property ahead of the competition!