8 Kid-Approved Ideas to Keep Them Entertained These Holidays

School holidays. They seem to creep up oh so quickly, and you often find yourself scouring the internet for ideas to keep the littles entertained. While it’s great to encourage your kids to make their own fun, there are certain times when boredom strikes and they just need a little nudge. For when those times arise, we’ve got 8 kid-approved ideas to keep in your school holiday arsenal, so you can sit back and simply let the fun unfold.

1. Let them play chef (and dinner will be sorted)!

Most kids love helping in the kitchen, and while relinquishing control and becoming at peace with the mess can be tricky, the results are worth it. Making pizza from scratch is a great way to get kids involved in the kitchen and is always a crowd pleaser. From measuring and mixing through to kneading and adding the toppings, there’s something for kids of all ages to take part in. School-aged kids can also have a go at writing up a menu for the evening, setting the table, and bringing a restaurant dining experience to your home. 


2. Soak up the great outdoors

School holiday activities don’t need to be elaborate or highly organised, in fact it’s often nice for kids to have some time out from the routines of school days and just take it easy. These holidays, make an effort to ditch the screens and get outdoors for some autumn sunshine. From bike rides to beach walks and backyard cricket, joining in with your kid’s activity of choice is sure to make their day.


3. Set up camp

If you’ve already got the equipment, why not give it a workout? Setting up the tent in your backyard (if space allows) is tons of fun for the kids. Go all out and serve up a classic camping dinner like hotdogs (cooked on the camp stove of course) and toast some marshmallows while you tell stories into the night. Sure, there might not be a lot of sleeping, but this is the kind of thing memories are made of. No tent? No worries – if you’ve got a trampoline, cover it in blankets for a faux camping set up – hold off on the camp stove though!


4. A big day out!

It’s great to have an adventure to look forward to during the holidays, and to plan something special outside of your own backyard. Trips to the zoo are always a winner, as are days at the museum or local aquarium. These attractions can be pricey (and sometimes unpleasantly busy during the school holidays), so if you’re looking for something different, try planning a public transport adventure. Hop on a train or bus and venture to a town you haven’t visited before. Wander the streets and take in the local attractions and find a cute little café for afternoon tea. Sometimes just watching the unfamiliar scenery en route is a thrill on its own for the kids.


5. Make it a movie night

From Disney flicks to old fashioned favourites, there are plenty of family-friendly movies that get the nod from littles and bigs alike. Either bring the movie experience to your home, or if local health guidelines allow, venture out to the local cinema for the real deal. If you’re having a big night in, gather the pillows, cushions, and blankets, snuggle up, dim the lights, and let the popcorn and movie treats flow. 


6. Get growing with a veggie garden

The whole process of seeds turning into seedlings and eventually delicious edibles is magical to the kids. If you don’t already have a veggie garden, utilising a container or building a simple raised bed version will have you well on your way. Make your veggie patch kid-friendly by choosing a location that’s easy to access and by keeping the beds narrow enough for little arms to reach to the centre. Once you’ve got your garden sorted, get planting with autumn-loving seedlings or seeds. Getting the kids involved in the veggie garden is a great way to teach them about nutrition and to get them sampling new veggies that might not be so appealing on the plate.


7. Paint the day away

Embrace your inner Picasso and get out the paints for some good old fashioned school holiday art projects. Get the creative juices flowing or simply head to your local $2 shop or Officeworks for some supplies that inspire. Best of all, this isn’t one just reserved for the kids – there are plenty of deceivingly simple DIY artwork projects you can get involved in.


8. Check out the free events in your city

Finally, if you’re able to get out and about, see what’s going on in your city these school holidays. Fill up the diary with your city’s kid-friendly events and fill in the blanks with free play and our kid-approved activities.


Remember, kids really don’t need to have an action-packed school holiday schedule filled with play dates and attractions. Channel the good old days and get creative with what you have at home or locally. Often quality time spent joining in the fun with the kids wins the day!